Coaching × Business Improvement: Experience it for Yourself! Envision Your Desired Future and Transform Your “Present.”


Gron Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the third installment of our unique event, “Experience Coaching While Enjoying Craft Beer,” scheduled for November 28, 2023, from 17:00 to 18:30. Following the success of our second event in October, we are excited to offer another opportunity for hands-on coaching experience.

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This event aims to facilitate networking opportunities for your future business. Participants can choose from ten different types of craft beers, enjoying a glass while engaging in the event. We welcome anyone with even a slight interest or curiosity to join us, as well as those who simply have the time to spare.

Event Details:

– Date and Time:
November 28, 2023, 17:00 – 18:30

– Location:
Kita Ward, Osaka (details to be provided after registration)

– Participation Fee:
2,000 yen (excluding tax), includes one craft beer and snacks

– Instructor:
Shota Aoki, CEO of SISu

The Necessity of Coaching:

Implementing coaching can facilitate effective business improvement programs. By directly addressing organizational process improvements, companies can maintain competitiveness and achieve success.

Benefits include:

1. Employee growth

2. Enhanced performance (both individually and as a team)

3. Achievement of goals

4. Stress reduction and adaptation to change

5. Development of leadership skills

As business owners or leaders

Business owners and leaders need to focus on building relationships within the workplace, considering the organization as a whole rather than just individuals. It is a key to understand how to alleviate employee discomfort and maintain motivation.

Facing current challenges and uncertainties can be the first step toward change.

Through coaching, we aim to concretize the challenges faced by leaders and leverage these insights for business improvement.

Contact Information:

– Company Name: Gron Co., Ltd.
– URL:
– Contact: Anna Tanaka, Public Relations
– Phone: 06-7777-2567
– Email:

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